Before and after the super actors

Which are the most cited companies in texts concerning sharing economy?


The source datasets for this visualization are the same used for the previous ones, but here they are adopted to see how many times companies are cited in texts. Companies considered are the most funded ones in the world.


We took the datasets obtained with protocol [2.1] and the list of top sharing economy companies for fund raised. To get the citation frequency in papers, news and websites we made an R script: it compares each company’s name with all bodies given, reporting the number of times each one is mentioned.

How to read it

The resulting visualization shows the top 10 companies cited in the three fields per year, since 2005 to 2015. A line highlights the frequency trend of the company selected. The bar chart below is useful to see which are the most frequently 10 companies cited in any field and in the whole period. Each bar represents the total number of cites.


It comes out that, even though Zipcar was founded in 1999, and has always been very popular, Airbnb and Uber (founded respectively in 2008 and 2009) have become the two “super actors”, much more cited in absolute terms than all the others. Papers, in particular, speak about Uber only since 2014, but in two years its position grew fast till the second position in 2015, while it is first in the other two fields.

Another relevant insight is that companies were not cited at all in academic papers until 2012. In some cases, than, companies are mentioned first in one field and then in the others: it shows which world influenced others.


Timestamp: 17/12/2015

Data source: Google Scholar, LexisNexis, Google Search

Download data (4MB)